About Skip Run Learn

Skip Run Learn is a "buffet" style toddler curriculum geared for toddlers 12 months to 24 months (hopefully we will expand from their). Because every toddler is different, each will enjoy different activities-and at this age it's all about having fun. This curriculum is designed to reflect that. All of the activities are meant to be enjoyable for everyone, so if you or your toddler isn't feeling the activity, simply throw it out and choose a different one. You can always retry the activity in a few weeks.

This curriculum has five core focuses-story time, fine motor, gross motor, sensory, and vocabulary.  to use this curriculum, simply choose the activities you like from each category and plug them into the weekly schedule.  Then space the activities out throughout your day. I recommend spacing them out over the day as a way of working with your toddler's attention span, and as a way to connect throughout the day.

For this age, when I plan each week's activities for my daughter, Pumpkin, I try to plan a steady mix of new activities with activities from the previous week. I may only add one or two new activities, and that is ok-it gives her a chance to practice new skills (for example-watch your toddler's grip on a crayon evolve) and enjoy mastering skills (I don't know how your kids are, but when mydaughter masters a new skill she never gets tired of it. She will seemingly enjoy the new skill all day, every day).  You also may notice on the scheduler that I keep some themes the same for the entire week-like our planned story time book. I've noticed a lot of really amazing things when I stick to one story for a period of time like that. For example-on the first day, Pumpkin will seem very disinterested, and then her interest will grow each day until by the end of the week she is eagerly pointing for the book and turning the pages with me.

A few final notes-make sure that you are not over scheduling activities. Free play is still very important for toddlers. They learn a LOT from unstructured time.  I've seen my daughter come up with countless experiments. Also, when you plan an activity, try to keep your mind as open as possible. Sometimes when I take out the edible finger paints and paper, my daughter will find mommy to be a much more interesting medium than the paper! But it's all part of the fun-when else in her life will she be able to paint on a person? Finally, all of the activities on this curriculum are intended to be done with adult supervision. You know your child best, so select activities that you know will be safe for your family.