Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Book Giveaway! DLees's Nighttime Scare!

If your little one is anything like mine, then it is simply impossible to have enough books in the house!  My daughter is constantly asking me to read her story after story and "book" is one of her most used signs! I am half convinced that she would be happy with all books and no toys! If you are like me, then the idea of a child who loves books and reading absolutely thrills you! It's win win.  Here is a great book with a great lesson to add to your collection! And best o all you can win a copy free of charge!

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Sponsored by DLee's World
Do your little ones enjoy reading? If they do than we have the perfect giveaway for you, a new book called DLee's Nighttime Scare! In DLee's Nighttime Scare DLee is trying to go to sleep but is afraid because of the spooky eyes she sees in her closet. She calls for her mommy and her mommy explains to her that there is nothing to be afraid of but DLee is still worried. After explaining to her mommy what the monster looks like her mommy turns on the light. Suddenly DLee's cat pops out of the closet!
This book is perfect to help teach little ones not to be scared at night and to help them to learn that things they see in the dark may not be what they seem. 
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DLee's Nighttime Scare Giveaway