Sunday, January 25, 2015

Over 5 Party Activities for Young Toddlers

*I received free products to host a #disneyside @ home celebration. All opinions expressed here are my own.

My family recently was selected to host a #disneyside party! Our party kit included many fun games and decorations to help us host a party for people of many ages, however there is one age group that is overlooked which I think would be capable of enjoying the party. Toddlers. Admittedly, I failed to plan activities for my own daughters first birthday-writing things off as the first party being more for the parents and there not being anything she could do. However, our trip to Disney World last month-where our 14 month old had the most fun of any o us-has shown me that toddlers are also fully capable of party games.

Much like the activities I do with Pumpkin in our toddler homeschool, toddler activities that I am planning for the party are usually going to be fairly open ended where I will provide the materials and the toddler(s) will decide what to do with them. Here are a few ideas to get you started-all Disney themed to go along with our Mickey Mouse theme!

1. Disney Sensory Bottles-these can be used with parental supervision for children even younger than 1 year. If they can grab a water bottle, they can enjoy this mess free activity-magic pixie dust themed!

What you need:
-1 empty water bottle

Simply combine all the ingredients together in the empty water bottle. The oil will slow the glitter's fall on the way to the bottom when the water bottle is flipped over, so start with a small amount of oil and continue adding until you are getting your desired effect. Likewise how much glitter you would like can be experimented with. The result is a pretty cool effect that will likely fascinate your toddler.

2. Fun with Disney Balls and Water Bottles-again, children old enough to grab a ball can enjoy this activity also. All you need is some balls with Disney characters and some empty water bottles. There are endless possibilities for ways to use these items. Stand the pins up and let the toddlers throw the balls at the pins. The toddlers will likely also have fun squeezing the water bottles to make the crunch sound and simply throwing the balls and watching them roll away!

3.  Coloring-this is likely appropriate for ages 12 months and up (with supervision).  Disney themed coloring books and jumbo crayons can usually be found at the dollar store for a dollar each. They may not be coloring in the lines, but there are few things that my 15 month old likes more than coloring.

4.  Playing with Balloons-Pumpkin absolutely LOVED playing with the helium balloons from her first birthday with her big sister, so I am quite excited to try and find some disney themed helium balloons for each child going to the party (kids of all ages love balloons)! Parental supervision required as the strings on the balloons are pretty long, but Pumpkin loved pulling the balloons down from the ceiling and shaking them!

5.  Confetti Play-when our disney side party kit arrived in the mail, Pumpkin's favorite part was the confetti! The confetti was basically thin paper strips that were crinkled up to look like crinkle fries. Pumpkin could not get enough of pulling all the confetti out of the box, then putting all the confetti back in, and I fully plan to use this activity-exactly as is-at the party. It will be the messiest activity at the party and it will be as hard to clean up as grabbing a sweeper and sweeping.

6. Pin  he Smile On Mickey-in with all the activities sent in my disney side party kit, there was one that I feel my daughter can participate in! For this one I will give each toddler their smile to pin on Mickey and let them place the smile without being blind folded or spun. Chances are they will be every bit as far off as the older children's-if they even make it onto the wall!

7.  Disney Story Time-this one probably won't happen at the party, but in the weeks leading up to the party we will be reading all disney themed stories for our storytime, and our bedtime story will also be Disney themed. Since Punpkin loves Mickey and Minnie so much, it should be a blast!

*I received free products to host a #disneyside @ home celebration. All opinions expressed here are my own.